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Samsung ML-1865W Driver Download


If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality printer that offers fast printing speeds and excellent print quality, the Samsung ML-1865W is an excellent option. This printer is designed to meet the printing needs of both personal and professional users, and it comes with a range of advanced features that make printing a breeze. Before we dive into the Samsung ML-1865W driver downloads, let’s first understand what it is.

Samsung ML-1865W driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with your printer. In other words, it is a program that enables your computer to send print jobs to your printer and manage the print settings.

Downloading Samsung ML-1865W Driver

Below is the Samsung ML-1865W printer driver download for Windows and Mac operating systems which we have quoted from the official HP support website.

Samsung Universal Print Driver for Windows

This is the most current driver of the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) for Windows for Samsung ML-1860 Series Print Driver.

Type: Driver
Version: V3.00.16.01:01
File name: SamsungUniversalPrintDriver3.exe
File size: 27.3 MB
Release date: April 13, 2022
Operating Systems: Windows 11
Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit)
Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Windows Vista (32/64-bit)
Windows XP (32/64-bit)

Samsung ML-1860 Print Driver for Mac

This driver-only software solution is intended for users who want a print driver for Samsung ML-1860 Series Print Driver.

Type: Driver
Version: V5.00
File name:
File size: 4.1 MB
Release date: September 1, 2017
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.10
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.6
Mac OS X 10.5
Mac OS X 10.4

Compatible Software

The following is software supported by the Samsung ML-1860 series;

Windows & Mac

How to install the Samsung ML-1865W driver?

Installing the Samsung ML-1865W driver is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the Samsung ML-1865W driver
  2. Once you have downloaded the driver, you will need to run the installation wizard and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once the driver is installed, you can test the printer by printing a test page.

Samsung ML-1865W Driver Troubleshooting

While the Samsung ML-1865W driver is designed to be easy to use, there may be times when you encounter issues with the printer. Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

  • Check the printer’s connectivity
    If you are unable to print, check that the printer is connected to your computer or network.
  • Check the ink or toner levels
    If your prints are coming out faded or blurry, check that your ink or toner levels are sufficient.
  • Update the driver
    If you are experiencing issues with the Samsung ML-1865W driver, try updating the driver to the latest version.
  • Clean the printer
    If your prints are coming out with streaks or smudges, try cleaning the printer’s print heads and rollers.
  • Contact customer support
    If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact Samsung’s customer support for assistance.

Samsung ML-1865W Overview

Samsung ML-1865W is an example of a reliable printer, Using a reliable printer will give more benefits to the users. The users can utilize the printer to finish all their work. It provides high resolution of print results. In addition, this printer also can print with mobile printing apps such as Samsung Mobile Print App.

The standard interfaces of the printer are USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi. The physical dimension of this printer is 341 x 224 x 184 mm. Meanwhile, the weight of the printer is 4.2 kg and the power consumption is 350 watts. This printer can be operated by some operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux OS.

The print technology of Samsung ML-1865W is Laser, It provides a maximum print resolution of about 1200 x 1200 dpi with a print speed of up to 18 ppm. Meanwhile, the needed time for the first page to come out is 8.5 s. The supported paper types are Bond paper, Labels, Envelopes, Pre-printed, Plain paper, Recycled Paper, and Transparencies. Meanwhile, the supported paper sizes are A4, Executive, Folio, Letter, Legal, A5, B4, and B5. See also Samsung ML-2010


In conclusion, the Samsung ML-1865W driver is an excellent option for those in need of a reliable and high-quality printer. With its advanced features, fast printing speeds, and easy-to-use interface, this printer is perfect for both personal and professional use.

Whether you’re printing documents or photos, the Samsung ML-1865W driver is sure to meet all your printing needs. So, if you’re in the market for a new printer, be sure to give the Samsung ML-1865W driver a try.


Can the Samsung ML-1865W driver be used on Mac computers?
Yes, the Samsung ML-1865W driver is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How do I check my ink or toner levels on the Samsung ML-1865W printer?
To check your ink or toner levels on the Samsung ML-1865W printer, simply press the Print Screen button on the printer’s control panel.

How do I connect the Samsung ML-1865W printer to my Wi-Fi network?
To connect the Samsung ML-1865W printer to your Wi-Fi network, simply go to the printer’s network settings and select your network from the list of available networks.

Can the Samsung ML-1865W printer be used to print photos?
While the Samsung ML-1865W printer is designed primarily for printing text documents, it can be used to print photos. However, the print quality may not be as high as that of a dedicated photo printer.

How do I troubleshoot a paper jam on the Samsung ML-1865W printer?
To troubleshoot a paper jam on the Samsung ML-1865W printer, first, turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source. Then, open the printer cover and carefully remove any jammed paper. Once the paper is removed, close the cover and plug the printer back in.

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