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Canon Easy-WebPrint EX
Canon Easy-WebPrint EX

Despite living in a digital age, printing remains a crucial task for both individuals and enterprises. Canon has established itself as a trusted name in the printing industry, offering top-notch printing solutions for several years. Easy-WebPrint EX is among Canon’s most popular software products, and this write-up delves into its features, advantages, and how it can enhance your printing experience.

What is Canon Easy-WebPrint EX?

Easy-WebPrint EX by Canon is a handy software app that streamlines web page printing, enabling effortless printing for users. Compatible with Windows OS, it serves as an Internet Explorer browser add-on. The software’s standout feature is its ability to save time for frequent web page printers, eliminating the need to copy and paste web content to a separate document before printing.

Canon Easy-WebPrint EX Download

Easy-WebPrint EX (Windows)

Type: Software
Version: 1.7.0
File name: ewpx-win-1_7_0-ea23.exe
File size: 15.21 MB
Release date: October 04, 2021
Operating Systems: Windows 11
Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Windows 8.1(32/64-bit)
Windows 8(32/64-bit)
Windows 7(32/64-bit)
Windows Vista(32/64-bit)
Windows XP

Features of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX

Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is an efficient browser extension that simplifies the process of printing web pages. The software offers a range of features that enable you to customize and organize your printouts as per your preferences. Let’s delve deeper into the features of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX:

  • Clip Function:
    The clip function of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX allows you to select specific sections of a web page for printing. By using your mouse to draw a box around the section you want to print, you can save time and paper by printing only the necessary information.
  • Preview Function:
    With the preview function of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX, you can preview the page before printing it. This feature enables you to adjust margins, font size, and other settings to ensure that the printout looks exactly the way you want it to.
  • Page Layout Options:
    Canon Easy-WebPrint EX offers various page layouts such as portrait or landscape orientation, and you can adjust the number of pages you want to print on a single sheet of paper.
  • Auto Clip Function:
    The auto-clip function of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX automatically selects the most important section of a web page for printing. This feature is particularly useful when you want to print a page quickly without spending time manually selecting specific sections.
  • Page Setup Options:
    The page setup options of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX enable you to customize the page size, margins, and other settings according to your preferences. This feature is particularly useful when you need to print documents in different sizes or formats.
  • Save as PDF Function:
    With the Save as PDF function of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX, you can save a web page as a PDF file. This feature is especially useful when you want to share a web page with others or save it for future reference.

Benefits of using Canon Easy-WebPrint EX

Canon Easy-WebPrint EX simplifies and enhances internet printing. It’s a free Internet Explorer plugin that streamlines web page printing. Here, we’ll explore the advantages of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX.

  • Installation and use are simple
    A major plus of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is its ease of installation and operation. It’s a no-frills, uncomplicated program that you can download and install effortlessly. Once installed, it integrates seamlessly with Internet Explorer for intuitive usage.
  • Saves time
    Canon Easy-WebPrint EX can save you significant time when printing web pages. You don’t have to copy and paste the text into a separate document. Instead, you can easily select the desired content and quickly print the essential data without needless additional steps.
  • Increases productivity
    Simplifying the printing process, Canon Easy-WebPrint EX helps to increase productivity. Printing web pages more efficiently saves time and energy. You can print only what you need, without worrying about formatting or other complications that can hamper the printing process.
  • Customizable options
    Another advantage of Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is the variety of customizable options it provides. You can choose what parts of the web page you want to print, adjust print settings, and even add your own notes and comments. Customization optimizes your printing experience, ensuring the desired results.
  • Reduces printing costs
    Canon Easy-WebPrint EX can also help reduce printing costs. You can preview the content before printing, which can prevent wasting paper and ink. Moreover, you can adjust the print settings to use less ink and toner, reducing printing expenses over time.
  • Improves print quality
    With Canon Easy-WebPrint EX, you can adjust print settings to achieve optimal results, and preview content before printing to avoid errors. This can enhance the quality of your printed documents.
  • Supports multiple file formats
    Finally, Canon Easy-WebPrint EX supports numerous file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG. This versatility makes it a valuable tool in various printing applications.


Q1. Is Canon Easy-WebPrint EX compatible with all browsers?
A1. No, Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is only compatible with Internet Explorer.

Q2. Can I print multiple web pages at once with Canon Easy-WebPrint EX?
A2. Yes, users can print multiple web pages at once using the software’s clip and auto-clip functions.

Q3. Is Canon Easy-WebPrint EX available for Mac operating systems?
A3. No, Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Q4. How can I download Canon Easy-WebPrint EX?
A4. Canon Easy-WebPrint EX can be downloaded from the Canon website.

Q5. Is Canon Easy-WebPrint EX a free software?
A5. Yes, Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is free software.


In conclusion, Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is an intuitive and adaptable program that streamlines the printing process for web pages. Its diverse range of features and advantages empowers users to save time, enhance print quality, and minimize paper usage. Canon is renowned for delivering top-notch printing solutions, and Easy-WebPrint EX is a testament to that commitment. As a printer software expert, I enthusiastically endorse this software for anyone who frequently prints web pages. Don’t hesitate to download it today.

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